Nakamura-Tome SC-300 (4 axis)

Multi-axis turning for precision components.

The Nakamura-Tome SC-300II is a high-speed precision CNC turning center engineered for optimum versatility and productivity in demanding machining applications. Boasting a 30-horsepower wide-range main spindle motor, the machine is built for powerful, uninterrupted cutting even under strenuous conditions. Its design incorporates a massive 45-degree slant bed made of cast iron, significantly reducing vibrations and ensuring rigidity. Additionally, the SC-300II is equipped with a 10 HP milling turret capable of 6,000 RPM and 120 mm Y-axis travel, enhancing its multitasking capabilities. The machine also features box-type slides and a rigid dodecagonal 12-station turret for superior accuracy. Bar capacity is set at a standard 3.5 inches, and the system is fully integrated with FANUC CNC controls and servo drives, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

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