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Comprehensive CNC Services for Your Design and Manufacturing Goals. Send us your requirements, we will respond within 12 hours and quote most projects within 48 hours.

About us

At LOCUS Precision Inc., we operate a fleet of cutting-edge CNC equipment to deliver high-quality machined parts with speed and precision. Our turnkey solutions and short lead times make us your go-to partner for prototypes, small and medium production runs.

Customer testimonials

"Locus is always there to quickly help us with prototypes to give a clearer view of our designs. This lets us iterate and validate much faster than we would otherwise."


R&D Engineer

"We've been working with Locus for 3 years now to manufacture batch orders of precision parts. We know we can rely on their quality, no matter the quantity."


Procurement Manager

"Whether we need to replace a broken part or upgrade a machine, we know Locus can get it done. Locus understands that any downtime is costly – they will do what it takes to get us back in production as soon as possible."


Maintenance technician

Fast Turnarounds, Reliable Results

Need precision parts with a quick turnaround? Discover how we can meet your deadlines without compromising quality.

Serving Diverse Industries with Precision and Expertise

At LOCUS Precision Inc., we understand that each industry has its own unique challenges and requirements. Our commitment to precision, quality, and innovation enables us to serve a diverse range of industries with confidence and excellence.

Industrial and energy

Supporting manufacturing processes with reliable machined parts.

Robotics and automation

Delivering high-quality components for automation applications.


Providing mission-critical CNC machined components for the defense and security sectors.


Crafting medical devices and instruments with accuracy and care.

Food Processing and Pharmaceutical

Meeting the stringent demands of the food processingand pharmaceutical industries with precision machining.

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