Robotics and automation

Delivering high-quality components for automation applications.

Robotics and automation
In the fast-paced world of Robotics and Automation, speed and precision are paramount. LOCUS Precision Inc. is at the forefront of providing advanced CNC machining solutions that meet the complex and evolving needs of this dynamic industry. Our multi-axis lathe and milling capabilities, along with specialized services like Wire EDM, are perfectly suited for crafting intricate mechanical parts, sensors, and actuators that are the backbone of robotic systems. With an emphasis on quality and speed, we can swiftly turn around high-precision parts that adhere to the strictest tolerances, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for your robotic applications. Trust LOCUS Precision Inc. to be your manufacturing ally in the age of intelligent machines and automated systems.

Fast Turnarounds, Reliable Results

Need precision parts with a quick turnaround? Discover how we can meet your deadlines without compromising quality.